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Mister H

Fiction (22 Min) - BRA, 2014 - CPB B1500532500000
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A very strange young man is attracted to a Japanese girl. Your wish ends up becoming real.

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Hígor Mejïa
Nagomi Kishino


Direction and Script: Bernard Payen
Executive production: Guilherme Peraro, Roberta Takamatsu, Rodrigo Grota and Maryline Charrier
Director of photography: Guilherme Gerais
Art direction: Camila Melara
Costume design: Mayhara Nogueira
Makeup: Evelise Chaiben
Direct sound: Bruno Bergamo
Soundtrack: Rodrigo Guedes
Editor: Doralis Dupuis
Post production: Anne Gibourg Jerôme Wiciak
Continuist: Rafael Ceribelli
Colorist: Yov Moor
Still: Lis Sayuri
Choreography: Alissar Ayoub

Production companies: Kinopus Audiovisual (Brazil) and Senso Films (France)

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