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The Secret Passage

Fiction (95 min) — BRA, 2020 - CPB B2000100300000
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Young Alice is forced to move to a small town on her own, where she meets a new group of friends. By breaking into an amusement park, she discovers secrets about her identity and needs to make choices about her future.



Fiction feature film contemplated in April 2017 in the Minc 2016 Children's Long Edital. In post-production phase, and with premiere scheduled for the 2nd semester of 2020.

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Coming Soon


Direction: Rodrigo Grota
Screenplay: Roberta Takamatsu
Executive Production: Guilherme Peraro
Director of Photography: Carlos Ebert, ABC
Art Direction: Julio Vida
Costumes: Thais Blanco
Soundtrack: Rodrigo Guedes
Editing: João Vítor Moreno
Colorist: Bruno Baltarejo
Production Director: Carlos Fofaun Fortes & Jackeline Seglin
Production Secretary: Rafaela Pifer
Set Producer: Juliana Boligian
Sound Post: Felipy Andrade & Otávio Santos
Camera operators: Anderson Craveiro and Guilherme Gerais
Gaffer: Ricardo Costa Barros (Carioca)
Cenotechnician: Luiz Rossi
Sound Technician: Bruno Bergamo
Direction Assistants: Roberta Takamatsu (1st AD), Raquel Deliberador (2nd AD) and Satilla Castro (3rd AD)
Continued: Raquel Deliberador
1st Photography Assistant: Guilherme Garcia Mortean
2nd Photography Assistant: Ricardo Rubio
Still Photos: Lírica Aragão
Making of: Arthur Ribeiro
Art Assistants: Augusto Fernandes, Gabriela Ueno, Renan Merlin and Suellen Estanislau Cerino
Direct Sound Assistants: Eduardo Lopes Touché and Giovani Nori
Production Assistants: Juliana Pereira, Vitor Inácio Paiva (Maçarico) and Yashiro Imazu
Costume Assistants: Adriana Lepri, Luisa Nogari and Milena Gomes
Continuity Assistant: Victor Hugo Santos
Art Interns: Fernando Zuin and Vítor Moraes
Production Intern: Mateus Reginato
Production: Kinopus


Luiza Quinteiro (Alice), Sofia Cornwell (Sófis), Tiago Daniel (Hugo/Orelha), João Guilherme Ota (Vico), Arrigo Barnabé (Rui) and Fernando Alves Pinto (Heitor).
Sandra Parra (Laura), Nádia Quinteiro (Raquel), Rodrigo Guedes (Murilo), Letícia Conde (Lipa), Luana Rodrigues (Ana) and Felipe Rost (Lucão).

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